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Subsidiaries Incorporation

28th January 1984

Mensilin Green Energy Sdn Bhd (0114113-M) 

Mensiln Green Energy Sdn Bhd (MGE) was Kejuruteraan Yuhana incorporated in 1984 under the enterprising vision to venture in Energy Efficiency projects development, specializing in active and passive energy conservation measures for commercial & industrial buildings and facilities

31st May 2000

Kogen Sdn Bhd (0515567-X)

KOGEN SDN BHD (KOGEN) was incorporated in 2000 under the enterprising vision to venture in renewable energy development projects, specializing in biomass and biogas utilization as well as processing equipment, conversion of biomass and biogas for main stream energy generation, particularly the co-generative and combined heat & power generation.

18th August 2003

Eko-Synthesis Sdn Bhd

Eko Synthesis was incorporated in 2003 under the enterprising vision to venture into renewable energy development projects, specializing in biomass and biogas to energy generation. Energy stream generation through combined heat and power generation is our key focus in developing sustainable energy generation solution.

8th May 2009

Axilent Sdn Bhd (0843562-V)

Axilent was incorporated in 2009 under the field of consulting in business, administration, training & human resources, business matching services, business concern & undertakings.

3rd May 2010

Syngas Sdn Bhd (1000493-M)

Syngas Sdn Bhd envisage is to enhanced a healthier living environment for the future generation, hence its mission statement of creating a brighter future. Established in 2010 by Saham Utama Sdn Bhd, Syngas Sdn Bhd is to embark on researching, designing, developing and manufacturing of mechanical systems and methods which would facilitate to decelerate the impact of global warming.

16th June 2011

Mensilin JV Sdn Bhd (0948902-M)

Mensilin JV Sdn Bhd (“MJV”) was incorporated in 2011 by Ir Mohamad Adan Yusof. MJV was established as a company under the umbrella of Mensilin Group that specialised in Joint Venture (JV) businesses and trading.

MJV boast as the sole distributor of HBL monopole and batteries in south east asia.
The first HBL monopole had been erected in Pasir Gudang, Johor for D’Harmoni Sdn Bhd.
We have been active in tendering batteries supply for many Malaysian conglomerates such as Telekom Malaysia Berhad. MJV has also entered into international fuel trading businesses with the capacity as an agent to very well known energy and fuel suppliers

8th May 2015

Mercu RE Solution Sdn Bhd

Mercu RE Solution Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputera company founded to give focus more to Renewable Energy Development Industry as well as sustainable Energy incorporated in 8th May 2015 .


Renewable Energy Consulting

Power Plant Development

Energy Optimization Scheme & Performance Contracting

Energy Metering & Integrated Revenue Collection System

Energy Audits


  1. RENESCIENCE (MERCU RE SOLUTION) - Collaboration with Terengganu state government in collecting waste and segregate them into organics and non-organic compound to be further processed.
  2. PLASTIC TO RESIN (MJV) - From the non-organic compound, the waste can be saperated to 2D and 3D plastics. These plastics are then palletized to produced resins.
  3. PLASTIC TO FUEL (MGE) - The 2D and 3D plastics are also processed to convert into fuel. Resins produced are also made to be processed into fuel (diesel)
  4. BIOGASS PLANT (EKO-SYNTHESIS) Organic waste  (liquid) from waste segregation (Renescience) is processed in Biogass Plant to generate electricity.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

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