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Kogen Sdn Bhd.

KOGEN SDN BHD (KOGEN) was incorporated in 2000 under the enterprising vision to venture in renewable energy development projects, specializing in biomass and biogas utilization as well as processing equipment, conversion of biomass and biogas for main stream energy generation, particularly the co-generative and combined heat & power generation.

In July 2007, KOGEN acquired the 100% stake of Eko Synthesis SDN BHD (Eko Synthesis), a special energy efficiency and human capital resource company that was initially developing a Small Renewable Energy Power plant in Kluang, Johor under the United Nation Development Programme - Global Environmental Facility (UNDP GEF) implementation in Malaysia. Since its acquisition, KOGEN has gradually increased the paid up capital of Eko Synthesis to RM 1 million as of January 2008. Eko Synthesis has subsequently obtained approval from Suruhanjaya Tenaga with the collaboration of Pusat Aperantis Amero to recruit and provide human capital in green technology field. 

KOGEN Sdn Bhd has also been actively venture in Energy Efficiency projects development, specializing in active and passive energy conservation measures for commercial & industrial buildings and facilities. KOGEN collaboration with local sovereign wealth fund enables itself to develop and finance Energy Efficiency projects without any cost to the building or facility owner. This is made possible through the adoption of Energy Performance Contracting module that is internationally recognized and accepted. 

Working together with the other sister companies under the umbrella of MENSILIN Group (MENSILIN), KOGEN has established itself in the Energy Efficiency space in Malaysia and expanded its business activities into Renewable Energy space with focus on Waste to Energy Projects. The business network spans into countries such as Germany, Scandinavia, Wales, Sri Lanka, Indonesia (Aceh, Riau, Java/Bali), South Africa and many others. This global footprint augurs well for internalization of the business ventures.

KOGEN Sdn Bhd also has collaborated with Aktif Perunding Sdn Bhd as a team that strongly advocates the use of the latest technology including software, standards and modern engineering practice. Aktif Perunding take pride in the skill, dedication and self-motivated shown by their multidisciplinary workforce in making this company the success as well as successful services. With their wide range of expertise, professionalism, knowledge and experience, they are able to provide each project with the client’s specific need and requirement. One of the project proposed by Aktif Perunding is Consultant For The Development Of Renewable Energy Power Generation Palant By Using Landfill Gas At Jeram Sanitary Landfill, Kuala Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


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Energy Consulting
Energy Audit
Energy Management Training
MVAC, Lightning & Building Envelopes Energy Efficiency Solution
Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
Combines Heat and Power


Renewable Energy from Biomass and Biogas
Renewable Energy from MSW


MY FUEL: Waste Plastic to Transportation Fuel
SRF Pellet Plant and Power Plant
Recycled Plastic Bale and Pellet Facilities
Waste Sludge to Soil Conditioner and Fertilizer
Recycled Waste Sorting Facilities.


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